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, spectacular lochs and glens, intriguing cities, and amazing hospitality, it is scotland. ah! scotland is in the north of great britain, and has a land and culture that is completely distinct from england. my journey begins in the city of glasgow and historic stirling. from there, i head to the island of isla, and make my way up the west coat to the isle of skye. i cross the highlands to loch ness and strathdon, and fly on to the orkney islands. then, it's down to edinburgh with a quick round of golf at saint andrew's, before taking in the madness of the edinburgh festival. ♪ glasgow is scotland's largest city. it's infamous for housing schemes like easter house, goven, and the gorbals. but, since being crowned the european city of culture in 1990, glasgow is enjoying a cultural renaissance. my first stop, the exquisite arthouse hotel. thank you very much. third floor, right? wow. will you look at this? so cool! so expensive, but i decided to splurge. i know i'm just starting, but this place really captures kind of that glasgow vibe. i mean, look, a wall of water. wow. wow, look at t
companies that arrange bus trips all around scotland. but, i'm going on one that is really unique and really cool. remember ozzy osborne and the infamous rock and roll band black sabbath? [ rock noises ] well, this is their old tour bus. in fact, this kind of was the groupie love shack; now it's the honeymoon suite. oops. sorry about that. there's 15 bunk beds inside, a little kitchenette. it's nice, it's laidback. best way to go. hello. >> hi. ♪ >> the black sabbath tour bus drives all over the highlands, on trips that last between two and six days. it's a unique way to see the country. anything that you would recommend people bring with them when they come? >> warm clothing. >> warm clothing. it rains quite a bit. >> i enjoyed the haggis, especially from the fish and chip shop. it's wicked. >> haggis from the fish and chip shop? >> yeah. deep-fried. >> deep-fried haggis. >> anything specific that you would say you can't leave scotland without? >> loch ness. >> loch ness? >> loch ness. yes. >> what's your theory? give me. have you seen it? >> i haven't seen it, and i'm skeptica
it was argued. >> in scotland people are pondering what the country would be like if it was free from the u.k. the scottish government is publishing a white paper, making the case for independence. as lawrence lee reports, what happens in scotland will have a ripple effect throughout the u.k. >> britainia rules the waves the patriotic song used to say. the empair was built in port smith. with the imperial star fading, ship-building is to be shopped. the government said ship-building jobs in scotland may transfer po ports myth. suddenly there's a political game, a future determined by a decision taken not by them but by the scots. >> what the government is doing is saying to people in scotland - look, we can put money your way. if you vote for independence we'll take it out. i think it's blackmail. >> up to now there's not been much complaining amongst the english that they had have say. there are plenty who think scotland does nicely off the back of english workers. the news of ship-building being lost here but safe in scotland brought to the surface national debate about scottish independ
got out. >> scotland's first minister has called the accident a black day for scotland shoul. have found the wreckage of a mozambican airlines plane missing on friday. all 34 people onboard were killed in the crash. the remains of the aircraft are located in a national park. they have ruled out finding survivors. the flight was on route from rwanda.ue to coalition partners have broken new ground on the subject of dual citizenship. until now, many german born children of form parents had to choose between german passport --their parents nationality between german passport or their parents nationality by the time they reach age 23. the large turkish population tends to benefit from the plan that many feel it doesn't go far enough. >> he carries his daughter's picture in her wallet. when she grows up, she can be both a tradition the german citizen. but the new coalition agreement doesn't give the option to everyone. some will still have to choose between passports. i live here. our care here. iron and many here. and i pay my taxes here. and i still can't vote for my mayor. community's
three the government of scotland has been setting out its vision for independence from britain in preparation for a referendum next year scotland's first minister alex salmond presented the six hundred and seventy page blueprint. the people of scotland you to vote on these units can not but polls indicate a majority favors staying in the uk. it was scotland's first minister says he has presented the most detailed blueprint on independence given to any country. mike from but it's still all comes down to one basic question. do we the people who lives in western scotland. believe that we have the best people to take the big decisions about the future the question will be the subject some impassioned oh nine total cost of the bay united. i met september london england and to the political union and seventy seven the town sixteen years scott has been on too much. now some want to do a step further. a strong cultural identity is legendary but it's amusing in school. for those who need independent of arguments abbas majority of britain's north sea oil and gas reserves are found off t
took me from you know quÉbec city in canada to the carolinas along the east coast to scotland and england, to holland. >> host: let's start with those that are the furthest away. why scotland? i could understand england but why scotland, bring people up to an understanding. why would it look on race race slavery in the troubled history of american universities, why scotland? >> guest: it's in the sections about racial phot. scotland is a tremendous influence on the lives of colonial north america and ultimately on the united states as a nation. scottish immigrants are the largest group of free people. >> host: is that where the word redneck came from? >> guest: this was the largest group of free people to cross the atlantic before the american revolution. they were failing in places like pennsylvania backcountry, the carolinas, westward toward kentucky towards georgia and with this enormous migration all comes of daschle also comes the scottish universities who played a key role in helping to modernize the colonial american colleges both stood spanish faculty you come to teach
in scotland. you can see the helicopter on the roof, through the roof of that pub. we have an eyewitness on the scene who is news editor of a radio station. tell us what you're seeing now. how bad is it? >> it's surprisingly calm here at the moment. there's no fire or smoke coming from the pub at all. there are fear engines outside of the pub and they are on the roof assuming to check the situation there. witnesses were aware of a helicopter making a strange noise in the sky. it seemed to be descending unusually. they expected to see or hear signs of impact but they haven't. i have also spoken to a member of parliament who happened to be driving by the scene. he went in to help and described the inside as a scene of devastation, rubble and he could see the blades of the helicopter sticking out of the roof of the pub. >> did you see any injured people being removed? have first responders taken any injured out of the pub that you've seen? >> i have personally seen two ambulances leaving the scene. i have been here for around an hour now. but i was told a number of people have been dragged
headlines this hour. officials in scotland now say eight people died when a helicopter crashed into a crowded pub. ukrainian riot police violently break up up protest in kiev. escaped germany to become an acclaimed sculptor. now her work is on display for the first time in her native hamburg. officials in scotland now say eight people were killed when a police helicopter crashed through the roof of a glasgow bar on friday night. dozens of others were taken to the hospital with injuries, some of them serious. rescue efforts are still ongoing. the accident came on the eve of saint andrews day, scotland's official national holiday. >> rescue workers examine the wreckage at the city center bar. the true extent of the disaster will not be known until the scene is cleared, but the building is in danger of collapsing, so the recovery work is a painstaking business. >> this is a complex and ongoing rescue operation that will not be quick. it is very complicated, and indeed dangerous. pay tribute to those people from the emergency service who are working in and around the city. >> aroun
. >> scotland could become an independent country on march 24, 2016 if the yes vote wins in next year's referendum. the date is one of the key issues addressed in the scottish government's blu blueprint for independence which will be published on tuesday. there on the scottish border could be affected by scottish independence. lawrence lee made the journey. the patriotic song used to say and the british empire was built in portsmouth. with the imperial faitdin fadine government has announced that the ship building should stop in portsmouth. suddenly portsmouth's workers find themselves in political gain. zbrrchghts. >> i think what the government is doing is saying to the people in scotland, look we can put some money your way but if you vote for independence we'll take iit all out. i don't think it's a bribe i think it's blackmail. >> up until now the english have no say of what is happening in the united kingdom. the news of ship building jobs being lost here has brought to the surface a surprising as suspecaspectof the national deb. the scottish nationalists have yet to convince. a
. >> scotland could become an independent country on march 24th, 2016, if the -- when is the next year's referendum? the date is one of the key issues addressed in the blueprint for independence which will be published on tuesday t in england, areas from port smith on the south coast, lawrence lead near the journey. >> the waves, pattriotic song and the british national embarrass was built in the southern town of portsmouth. but with the empiry'all star fading, they announced ship building is to be stopped in portsmouth but jobs in scotland might transfer to portsmouth if they broke for independence next year. suddenly portsmouth finds themselves in a game. the decision may not be by them but by the scots. >> what the government is doing is saying to people in scotland, look. we can put some money your way. if you vote for independence, we are going to take it all out. up to now, there has not been much complaining among the english that they have no say in the future of the united kingdom. there are plenty who think scotland does nicely indeed off of the backs of english workers. the
. >> still ahead - new push for independent. scotland considering breaking from the u.k. a big nfl sunday - all the heights ahead in sports. . >>> in scotland people have been asking for months what would the country look like if it was free from the u.k. scotland's government will public a white paper, a blue print making the case for independence. lawrence lee has more. >> britannia rules the wave, the patriotic song said. the british naval empire was built in ports myth. with the imperial star fading the deposit announced it will no longer be built in ports smith. workers are in a game. futures to be determined by a decision taken not by them, but by the scots. >> i think what the government is doing is saying to people in scotland, "look, we can put some money your way, but if you vote for independence we'll take it out." i don't think it's a bribe, i think it's blackmail. >> up to now there's not been much complaining in the english that they have no say in the future of the u.k. plenty think scotland does nicely off the backs of english workers. the news of ship-building jobs bein
last night in glasgow, scotland, but that number could go up. witnesses say the chopper dropped out of a skyline like a stone, right onto the roof, while a concert was going on inside the pub. richard quest has the latest from glasgow. >> reporter: miguel, the core question of how many people may still be buried in the wreckage behind, no one knows. all we've been told is that there was one confirmed fatal y fatality, but that that number is likely to rise. all night and into the morning, search and rescue efforts continued after a police helicopter crashed into the roof of the pub filled with friday night revelers in glasgow, in scotland. a local member of parliament, jim murphy, said he arrived moments after the crash. >> most of the helicopter appeared to be inside the pub. there was only part of it protruding from the top. >> reporter: murphy says he saw at least ten people who were injured, including people who were struggling with consciousness, and others with bleeding wounds to the head. christina o'neil, who saw the crash from her apartment across the street, said she hear
into a crowded pub in glasgow, scotland, and now at least eight deaths and more than a dozen seriously injured, one rescuer describing the chaos immediately after the crash. >> moments after the helicopter crashed it was just people pouring out of the pub and dust seemed to be coming up from nowhere, i don't know, either out the door, up from the ground almost the dust, almost like a human chain and there was people much deeper in in the debris of the pub and passing, trying to pass injured people out and all did you was grab the person given to you and pass them on to the next person. >> the pub was especially crowded because it was the eve of scotland's official national holiday, st. andrew's day. scottish leader alex hammond reacted to the tragedy. >> our condolences go to those who will be bereaved, our solidarity with those who have been injured. this is a black day for glasgow and scotland. it's a day we can take pride in courage and how we respond to adversity and tragedy. and that response from our emergency services and from ordinary citizens has been exempla exemplary. >> he ordered
progress can be made. results remain while we wait for more soldiers to arrive. explaining how scotland would operate outside of the united kingdom. under the scottish government's plan, an independent scotland would collect its own taxes but keep the pound as its currency, still have the queen as head of state and stay in the european union. the u.s. coast guard says 30 migrants have died after their overcrowded boat capsized in the bahamas on monday night. sentenced to 30 years in jail for the murder of her british tommate -- they don't want send her ex-boyfriend free on appeal. it is known as the jade rabbit. b-52 bombers have flown a training mission through a controversial air defense sound in a direct challenge to beijing. the military aircraft flew into the area without informing chinese authorities. the planes flew over a group of islands in the east china sea part of a territorial dispute between china and japan. >> secretary hagel was robust in his response. the americans sent these planes through, the b-52's on what they said was a long planned training mission. america respo
those pro and against the independence first of all there's the question of currency scotland wants to keep bad the astounding how they form a union a currency union with the uk but westminster has been adamant that this is not guaranteed that it is highly unlikely yet another issue is out of taxes back to alex salmond had insisted that they are what lead me to a stop to send the first of all i'm a scholar will be a better fiscal position at the end of the uk but this is again still one of the new studies that come out this saying that there will be a long term fiscal difficulty for scotland if it becomes addicted to. and there's also the question of who's going to be controlling the oil reserves and is definitely down to the dispute between western star and scotland if it does become independent and to get alex salmond insisting that he doesn't want any of the nuclear weapons programs in the country they will maintain some other more conventional defence as set out the list goes on the second of may the crux of the matter appears that many critics have pointed out asking if this wh
helicopter crashed into a pub in scotland. the pub was packed for a concert when part of the roof came down last night. police say three victims were on the helicopter, the other five inside the pub, and there's a chance there could be more victims that crews have not been able to reach quite yet. correspondent richard quest spoke to witnesses and what they saw around when this happened. >> reporter: a local member of parliament, jim murphy, said he arrived moments after the crash. >> most of the helicopter appeared to be inside the pub. only part of it from the top. >> reporter: murphy says he saw at least ten people who were injured, including people who were struggling with consciousness and others with bleeding wounds to the head. christina o'neil, who saw the crash from her apartment across the street, said she heard what sounded like a low-flying airplane. >> sounded like a couple -- [ inaudible ] and then i just heard a massive crash. >> reporter: after the souventh impact, she saw smoke and people running from the pub. one witness who was inside reported not hearing the crash becaus
building jobs in scotland might transfer to portsmouth. suddenly, portsmouth's workman find themselves in a political guam. >> what the government is doing is saying to people in scotland look, we can put some money your way, but if you vote for independence, we're going to take it all out. in other words, i don't think it's a bribe, i think it's blackmail. >> up until now, there's not been much complaining among the english that they have no say in the united kingdom. there's plenty that say scotland does nicely off the backs of english workers. the jobs lost here has brought to the front the discussion pap surprisingly large number of english people are supportive of scottish independence on the argument that the english economy would be better off without them. >> travel through england and you'll struggle to find many english people who think the country would be damaged by scottishness. thithis is a border down in the north of england. it has changed hands 14 times between the english and scots. the people here routinely cross the border, work on one side and live on the other. th
family issue. >>> and we start in scotland. police have confirmed eight people were killed when a police helicopter crashed into a pub. more than 30 people had ton rushed to hospitals in glasgow last night. investigators spent all day searching for victims. richard quest has the latest. >> reporter: miguel, according to one of scotland's most senior politicians, this was the news they had been dreading but expecting. having spent most of the day with only one person confirmed dead, everybody knew that the number of fatalities would rise, and now they're saying eight people perished last night. nor are they able to say whether that is the final total, because as the head of police scotland put it, the helicopter is in the middle of the building, and until they can remove it, they don't really know what's underneath. removing the helicopter will be an extremely difficult, complex and intricate operation. the building is unable and they want to insure their maximum safety before they try any further operations. finding out what happened and why the helicopter fell out of the sky in such a d
. >>> now we go on to scotland. the flags there flying at half-staff this weekend as the victims of a helicopter crash are being discovered. >> the police helicopter slammed through a pub's roof last night, killing at least one person, injuring dozens. cnn's richard quest is at the crash scene. hi, richard. >> reporter: alison, george, good morning to you. yes, we know, and it's been officially confirmed, one person has died, but the authorities are saying be prepared for more deaths to be announced, because there are more bodies in the wreckage of the building with the helicopter, as you can see behind me. and over the last few hours, people have been coming here to the scene to lay flowers. little tributes of flowers, just a few over there at the moment. and paying their respects, as scotland deals with what the first minister calls a black day for the city and the country. all night and into the morning, search and rescue efforts continued after a police helicopter crashed into the roof of the pub filled with friday night revelers in glasgow in scotland. jim murphy said he arr
to retailiate if it went ahead with an e.u. deal. >> on tuesday, scotland's government will publish a white paper, making the case for independence from the u.k. the economy is the main reason, wanting to break a 300 rear rule. >> we are at the vatican this morning as the pope unveils what many believe are the bones of the first ever pope. raising inequality between workers and bosses. we tell you why some people say their pay should go up seeing executive salaries are soaring. call him willie wonger. we introduce you to this army vet using a government loan to open up a chocolate factory. >> i'm mark morgan, a team's dream of a national title goes up in smoke. details in sport. >>> welcome back, i'm morgan radford in new york. making history in geneva. world leaders and iran say yes to an agreement that will limit the country's nuclear program in change for lifting of some sanctions. iran's president and spiritual leader responded positively to the deal. some iranians say they'd hoped for greater sanction release. we have this report from tehran. >> the reaction from tehran is a little di
. australia's court report is produced in scotland before hence the kids this was the thirteen cuts that are well joe the kids to do the talking one wednesday the twenty two of which i'll post it. the goodness of the finals. but to that of a certain touch with sw come to mind. watch it. is that this is what it's going to set the agenda and to secure that so and so with crystals with it but it can lead to the podium. i've been a stay in touch and a lot of season one and a confidence that in common but often helps them on to maturity. the country in the midst of widening anti government protests cbt be made to the finance community and have no idea what to call that some like it to be heated with chris as he is rooting out to the government's thousands of thais have to separate a smallish of government buildings attempting to paralyze the running of the country. critics assert any excuse to being a victim of attacks in case you weren't in the exiled former need amnesty for enough conviction to get the current unrest. it may mean a team could pee wee team for the team to keep ninety th
that crashed into a pub in glasgow, scotland about three hours ago. witnesses say there are injuries, numerous people have been trying to clamor out of the building. a rescue operation is underway now to bring out people still believed to be trapped inside. right now it's just after 1:00 a.m and pub was crowded with revellers attending a live event. >> president obama today made a high profile visit to immigration activists a group of nearly two dozen people are fasting at steps of the national mall. many had only water since november 12th. the group wants the house to pass immigration reform the president says the commitment to change ultimately will help pressure lawmakers to act. mr. obama mentioned the activists in an immigration speech in san francisco when here on monday. you may recall the president was heckled over the issue. >> a bay area woman spends black friday in a mall, so what is the big deal is in the international implications from hanging out in local stores. >> a different window shopping blending black friday with cyber monday. >> michael finney why some of the best shoppin
, rescue crews scrambling after police chopper crashes into a crowded pub in scotland. braising jewel heist. france's biggest and boldest rivalry, nearly $150 million worth of bling gone in 30 seconds. french police now asking you to help them catch this thief. >>> march of the wlals, hundreds of humpbacks converging off the coast, hundreds of spectators hoping for an encounter, what's in the water attracting them? >>> good evening, thanks for joining us on this friday night. we begin with black friday mania playing out tonight at malls across america. retailers opening doors earlier than ever to a crush of frenzied shoppers lured by seductive door buster deals. but in many locations the rush turned violent. shoppers brawling over discounted merchandise. is the sheer numbers at america's malls are staggering. 97 million shoppers crammed into stores today. by the time the weekend is over, that number expected to swell to 140 million. and from coast to coast, it's shop until you drop for millions of deal seekers, we begin coverage tonight with abc's chief business and economic correspondent r
on monday. >>> we're following a developing story out of scotland. thinks video just coming into the newsroom of a police helicopter that crashed into a pub. it happened in glasgow, scotland. no word yet on how many peoples have been killed, but we are told there are a number of casualties. witnesses told police there were hundreds of people watching a band perform when the crash happened. the crew included two officers and civilian -- >>> the moment a crane collapsed in brazil this week. two wokkers were killed and tonight there are concerns whether brazil will be able to host the tournament, since the stadium needed to be finished by jan wear. seven people were hurt after a ferry crashed into a pier along the hudson. investigators say it happened as the boats was attempting to dock in jersey city tonight. 24 people were on board. the seven injured were taken to the hospital. the coast guard says the cause of the accident is under investigation. but they do not believe it was a mechanical problem. >>> tonight the parents of a d.c. -- he disappeared after levin a -- it appea
crashes into a crowded barn in scotland. what survivors did moments after it happened. hello. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york. the barack obama administration has taken the health care website offline to make repairs. this, after it was supposed to be glitch-freebie saturday.'s insurance application and enrolment systems are unavailable. the obama administration hopes the overnight repairs will have the site up and running in a few short hours. pinks randall pinkston looks at the political fallout. >> house speaker john boehner continued to say in a statement, "the president bit off more than he could chew." the democrats are having a hard time defending it. >> disappointment - we'll have to get past it. the overall project is too important to allow ourselves to be discouraged. >> health and human services fell short of its goal. instead of 500,000 signing up, only 106,000 got covage. most of that on state exchanges, not federal sites. insurance takes effect it 1 january, but the deadline for first payment was moved from december 1st
this deadly crash in scotland. >>> we're also getting white house reaction to new video of an american held captive in north korea. >>> and 100 days is almost up. the name of the national zoo's baby panda is about to be revealed. helicopter crash in scotland is climbing. the police chopper crashed last night onto the roof of a crowded pub in glasgow, killing eight people, three in the helicopter and five inside the bar. police say 32 other people were hurt. they don't know for sure if there are more victims in the building until the helicopter wreckage is removed. and that process could take days. >>> right now, the white house is calling for the release of an 85-year-old american who is a korean war veteran and he's been held captive in north korea for more than a month. this comes just hours after north korea released a video of 85-year-old merrill newman apologizing for his alleged crimes. he was detained in late october. he was taken off a plane just as he was about to leave pyongyang. north korea says new man apologized for crimes during the korean war and for "hostile acts," against t
on with the business. the royal bank of scotland, actually it's the royal bank of american. 80% roaned by us. >> -- owned by us. >> it's a bit of a banking news story for the day. the royal bank of scotland, r.b.c., has said it will not separate itself. r.b.s. will create an internal bad bank and during that, it's going to ring some $60 billion of some bad assets such as loans. the banks owned by the government following that massive bailout at the height of the financial crisis. just adding r.b.s. suspend two traders in connection with the possible fixing of the currency market. that news just out. we're going to keep across that and bring you more when we get it. let's talk about fannie mae, the u.s. mortgage giant is suing nine banks over losses relating o the libel scandal. they are seek more than $800 million in damages. several banks admitted wrongdoing and has settled with regulators. it is basically a global interest rate. it is used by many banks, mortgage lenders and others to set the price on borrowing trillions of dollars on financial contract which all end up down the pipeline u
. >> reporter: good morning, well the london police here at scotland yard like the police everywhere, use all kinds of technology to solve crimes dna evidence, modern forensics, fingerprints. but they've also discovered the best tool, in fact may be the oldest tool the human eyeball. but not all eyeballs it seems, are the same. they discovered something they weren't expecting at scotland yard a couple of years ago. during the week of spreettreet rioting and looting in 2011 much of lawlessness was captured itytool. much vaunted computer recognition software was supposed to be able to spot the faces of known criminals in the crowd. except, according to detective chief inspector mick neville something worked better. >> we put them through the facial recognition software and it picks out one. i've got one officer here he picks out 180 suspects. society human is 180 times better than the magic machine. >> reporter: this is police constable gary collins, you can call him "hawkeye." he has now identified more than 600 suspects for all sorts of crimes over the years. suspects
. >>> yes, the so-called white paper sets out the scottish national policies, should scotland gain independence. a yes vote would mean that scotland would become independent in march 2016. right now the country is a self governing within the uk, but has limited local powers. it can raise taxes but has no military or foreign policy of its own. >> reporter: the shape of a new nation in one 670-page document. the blueprint to what an independent scotland would be like, and serves to the most comprehensive guide in the quest for independence. decisions such as keeping any british monarchy and the pound sterling have surprised some. >> england is our biggest trading partner. we cost the uk government 500 million pounds. >> reporter: the scottish government says it's a vision for a more fair and prosperous country. but critics says it's all very well to provide an scenario of an economically thriving scotland. politicians campaigning for scott land to stay in the uk say it is the best state of affairs. under this system, says supporters, scott land has a protection of the uk's larger eco
. with the news from europe, including. >> with a guide to how scotland request be as ask independent state. >> and turning the pages of history. a rare symbol of the nation's identity is put up for auction in the u.s. for up to $30 million. >> within the past hour, the u.s. has revealed two of its military aircraft have thrown around disputed islands in the east china sea, it did so without informing beijing, and that's in defiance of an air defense zone, that beijing imposed. and the i.u. in china. live for us in washington, d.c., give us what details we know? what exactly did the aircraft do in the china self-declared air defense zone? >> what we know is that around midnight washington time, rather, 7:00 p.m. washington time, those two bombers entered this newly declared air defense identification zone. they all have an air defense zone in sort of the general area, but expanded it over the weekend. to include this area that includes the disputed islands that you mentioned a moment ago. so 7:00 p.m., washington time, midnight gmt, these bombers went into that zone, without filing what is
from small business owners. >> scotland's national holidayened in tragedy when a helicopter crashes into a crowded bar. the latest on that investigation ahead. >> the weekend of consumption continues. there's a lesser known shopping day. kilmeny duchardt joins us from a children's boutique in manhattan. what does today mean for small businesses. it means a lot. since american express started small business saturday in 2010, a lot of businesses benefited from it. mostly because the free advertising that partners with social media network to get the word out there about small businesses. small businesses offer discounts also on the day to lure new customers and to encourage people to shop locally. i am in tribeca. it's a children's boutique and they have been doing this for the post four years. i want to bring in stephanie crews. why have you guys chosen year after year to do it again. >> it keeps the local clientele coming in. they love to support local businesses, it makes the neighbourhood feel like a neighbourhood. they like to keep communities going. >> tell me about the deals th
character mack a lock. asterix and the fix is set in scotland. replete with stereotypes of kilts whiskey and bagpipes. conrad and joey say they wanted to find a fresh take on and the books that came before it i knew we were really constrained to respect the universe and style. it's art created from constraints constraints to respect the sixteen year career and illustrator of their leaders so in two thousand eleven he announced he would no longer be drawing the series and the supervise production in the latest book. andrew home when it's on the cover along new illustrator conrad the rest. we know we'd come as two weeks as a torch was passed on to this field taking the decisions of the things in the times that soon you will freeze. once we have friends whom we were happy. the same tiny t feel that twinge in your heart that you're no longer involves wanted to go diehard fans compare the new group with an old one by al their ideas though and see some differences notably with female characters who need these huge push the nose the eye is the expression all very feminine but it's not the same
't stop there, jobs are going in southwest england and scotland. a total of 1,775 jobs will go by 2016. the cuts after they experienced the biggest peak in uk shipbuilding since the second word war. they say the site isn't big enough. >> we want your royal navy to have the best, and most modern ships and best technology. and that means we'll go on building ships, we'll be keeping that yard busy rather than paying it to remain idol as the last government proposed and in por portsmouth the work force will go from 12,000 to 11,000. >> paul is live for us at the shipyard. paul what are the workers saying about that this? >> there is an understandable amount of shock going. the 65,000 ton carriers which were being built, obviously that construction work comes to annen at some point. what they didn't expect that a shipyard here in portsmouth would be a victim of that rationalization process. the unions have reacted with dismay. they have said, they are highly distressing and extremely unfair to treat a loyal work force this way. and the united union, said this was a very worrying time for th
is strongly opposed by london which is warning it will make it easy for scotland a breakaway. as for santa just thought would be an independent country to six more question that requires a simple yes or no waking at three hundred euro looking at could hardly be said for the scots are not taking it lightly as it stands only about thirty percent of scots say they will vote for independence. a figure those of the gas cap hope to increase by presenting that much anticipated white paper with the scottish national party says it has the answers to all the questions about the dependence of my medicine david chapman and those that wanted to go cap in since the minute that this is laden with risks and problems with morning sun just about everything. taxes and death no count suggests the worst air and higher taxes. eu membership. pundits as scotland can forget about it by the nuclear program david cameron claims getting rid of it is a bad idea in case of the top korean nuclear attack. my teeth and the roaming charges and will pile fellas if the split happens at the list is on its top project the year
there's the question of currency scotland wants to keep that diaz sterling pound and form a unit of currency union with the uk but westminster has been adamant that this is not guaranteed that is highly unlikely and some critics are saying that most of the white paper is based on the premise that indeed there will be a currency union to begin with the other issue is that taxes but today alec salmond had insisted that there was the need to re stock to set the first of all of us follow will be a better fiscal position ahead of the uk but this is again still one of the new studies that come out to say that there will be a long term fiscal difficulty for scotland if it becomes addicted to and there's also the question of who's going to be controlling the oil reserves and is definitely down to a dispute between westminster and scotland if it does become independent and to get alex summit insisting that it doesn't want. he doesn't want any of the nuclear weapons programs in the country they will maintain some other more conventional defence as set out the list goes on but at the main c
to scotland where the government has released a blueprint for independence from britain. it portrays the richer fairer and nuclear free country yet the idea faces strong opposition and most guys citizens are reportedly against a county can ask more the scottish government took another step toward independence from britain on tuesday when first minister alex salmond released a white paper on independence outlining the country's currency plans the fence and welfare systems. salmond said the country's bid for freedom is now in its own hands. this white paper. physically emotionally deal with them any people. i've been off of any of them a little. as a basis for becoming an independent country. it was pe on got some independence call them stopped from a position of strength. the six hundred seventy page document titled scotland's future comes ten months ahead of the referendum slated for september in the next year the document says the nation will have its own defences for example at its own taxes at the same time the nation will keep queen elizabeth two as the head of states retain the
and it's in these documents the various issues including scotland's future current state and defense policy particularly given the snp has pledged to reopen uk where this place which is to indicate that in scotland the ducks the big questions like the current state. we don't teach keep the time that we don't look of the sea will we use will be of world will re join the euro or whatever. we don't get defence welfare pensions to have the taunts of any of these questions. a recent polls the sunday times found that thirty eight percent it still struck independence with forty seven percent of losing fifteen percent undecided. should scotland voted in favor of leaving the uk the country will become independent film on twenty fourth twenty sixteen i do i. the ever increasing popularity of turkish soap operas in the middle east is causing concern in pakistan for many shows which feature alcohol consumption and the liberal relationships are seen to be encroaching on islamic values. the imported shows are attracted to pakistan's tv channel access to cheaper to buy locally produced shows and fe
in glasgow, scotland. a band was playing for a crowd hanging out in the pub when suddenly the police chopper smashed through the roof. three of the dead were the helicopter's crew. five others were killed in the bar. 14 people have serious injuries. earlier we heard from a witness who saw the terrifying crash. >> i could hear this noise above me, but i couldn't see what it was, and then i looked around and in front of me, about 1,000 feet, between 500 feet and 1,000 feet in the air i could see a helicopter in distress, and then suddenly it just completely lost power and fell from the sky like a stone, really dramatic and terrifying moment. it really did plunge at huge, huge pace towards the ground and it was completely out of control. there was absolutely no -- i wouldn't believe for a second that the pilot was in control. >> investigators searched into the night for the others who might be buried in that rubble. cnn's richard quest is tracking the story in glasgow. >> reporter: the police were asked out at the news conference earlier this evening. they said basically that the helicopter had
good morning. breaking overnight, a helicopter crash in scotland's biggest city. a police chopper smashes into a crowded pub there. rescuers looking for victims. we're live on the scene. speaking out, a first look at a veteran being held in north korea. authorities saying he's confessing to alleged crimes during the korean war. and shopping frenzy. crowds jamming nationwide. fights breaking out with retailers opening early. hoping black friday equals a lot of green. today, saturday, november 30, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning everyone. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside dylan dreyer and andrea canning in for jenna. so much attention paid to this helicopter crash which happened in scotland last night. devastating, some of the images coming out of there. >> the chopper crashed on to a crowded pub along the riverbank there. it is our top story. debbie edward is live in glasgow near where the chopper went down. what can
on that deadly police chopper crash that collided into a crowded pub in glasgow, scotland, killing at least eight people, injuring dozens more. the rescuers describe the scene immediately after the crash. take a listen. >> there was just people pouring out of the pub and there was just -- it does seem to be coming out of nowhere. like, almost from the ground almost. almost like a -- human chain. and there's people much deeper in the debris of the pub. trying to pass people out, you know, grab the person given to you and pass them on to the next person. >> the pub crowded because it was the eve of scotland's official national holiday st. andrew's day. scottish leaders reacted to the tragedy. >> our condolences to those who will be bereaved and solidarity with those who have been injured. this is a black day for glasgow and for scotland, but it's also st. andrew's day and it's a day we can take pride and courage in how we respond to adversity and tragedy. and the response from emergency services and ordinary citizens has been exemplary. >> he did order the flags outside government buildings be flow
to board--border to scotland which will have an independent referendum in the coming year, the idea is that perhaps the british government is some how tried to offer a favor to scotland to persuade people in scotland to stay within the united kingdom. it is an idea that is denied by downing street, but nevertheless it is a rumor that is catching currency here on the southern coast of england. >> the french court has ordered google to prevent its searches of max mosley. google strongly opposed the request. now to russia, left with severe burns to his face and eyes in january which badly impaired his vision. on wednesday he told the court that that the suspect is a threatening man. the suspect said he's innocent. >>> iin august, 28-year-old davd miranda was held and questioned for nearly nine hours. his partner, glen greenwald, wrote the stories from the nsa leak by edward kno snowed den. >>> larger sized mannequins on the department store. we have the details. >> reporter: young, beautiful, and thin. the fashion industry is notorious for using achingly slim models to sell clothes. bu
a developing story out of scotland this morning. a police helicopter comes crashing through the roof oi a pub. at least three people are dead and 32 others are in the hospital right now. officials are trying to wrap their heads around the against. witnesses told police there were more than 100 people inside when the crash occurred. many were there to watch a band perform and that's when it started to happen. >> it started to come down more and people started screaming and the whole pub filled with dust. you couldn't see anything. you couldn't breathe. every time you took a breathe you were caught in your mouth. >>> a horrifying situation there. the three-member he wanted crew included two officers and a civilian. >> that's just some of the promises for the affordable care website. the obama administration has a self-imposed deadline of today to have it ready to handle 50,000 users. danielle lee has more on whether the changes will become reality. >> reporter: he has a lot of sympathy for the tech perts rushing to fix >> it's a challenge. >> reporter: the website increased it's
. >>> a helicopter crashes into a pub killing at least eight people in glassgow, scotland. a band was playing with a police chopper smashed through the roof. crew. dead were the helicopter's five others were inside the bar. investigators searched into the night nor others that might be buried in the rubble. we have the latest from glasgow. >> reporter: after the helicopter crashed through the roof, police confirmed eight people died. they are unable to sigh if more bodies will be found. the crash site is still dangerous and needs to be secured. imagine the situation where the helicopter has come down and is almost literally sitting in the middle of the building. >> reporter: as a result searching the building is dangerous. it will be a long, sensitive situation. it will go on for many days yet. what is clear is on friday night, most people had an extraordinary escape. those inside were enjoying listening to a local band playing. when the helicopter crashed, at first, few realized what had happened. >> people were listening to the music. we thought because of that the roof came down. we said t
. thank you very much. >>> a deadly police helicopter crash in scotland. the chopper plowing into the roof top of a pub in glasgow last night. at least eight people were killed. more than a dozen now being treated for serious injuries. the pub was packed with people at the time of the crash. it happened on the eve of st. andrews day. that's scotland's official national holiday. >>> the u.s. wants to help syria get rid of its chemical weapons. a plan being planned for the u.s. to dismantle the hazardous material on a ship. u.s. officials say destroying those weapons on land would pose environmental problems. the weapons set to be taken out of syria at the end of the year. >>> tensions rising as china begins enforcing its new air defense zone creating a challenge to the united states. the u.s. has long been patrolling the area for decades really. now chinese patrols over disputed islands are stirring diplomatic concerns. yesterday china scrambled jets after it says two u.s. spy planes and several japanese aircraft entered that zone. the news coming just ahead of vice president joe biden's tr
. competitions in ireland, scotland, norway, japan, russia each year, the facilities here in the park are second to none. there is no complex in the world that can touch it. >> i'm here with bob, and he has kindly agreed to tell me everything i need to know about casting. i'm going to suit up and next, we're in the water. >> what any gentleman should do. golden gate angling has free lessons the second saturday of every month. we have equipment show up on the 9:30 on the second saturday of every month and we'll teach them to fly cast. >> ok. we are in the water. >> let me acquaint you with the fly rod. >> nice to meet you. >> this is the lower grip and the upper grip. this is a reel and a fly line. we are going to use the flex of this rod to fling away. exactly as you moved your hands. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> i'm a natural. >> push both arms forward and snap the lower hand into your tummy. push forward. >> i did gave it a try and had great time but i might need some more practice. i met someone else with real fly casting skills. her name is donna and she is an international fly casting cha
probable cause for the wiretaps in the mafia case of rudy giuliani came from scotland see me. because of his championship season in the book that the mafia, the back of mafia was broken when carmine on the left, he goes to prison. fat tony, and anthony, they all go to jail and that's what makes rudy giuliani. this is one of the stories, ma and i going to do for my book that is like wow. anthony, he was the underboss, then took over. he went after john gotti and he had a guy put a bomb in a car of frankie, and john gotti wasn't there and frankie died. he was blown to bits. so now there's a contract out on anthony, and three young guys came and shot at him one day and is eating an ice cream cone in his car and he flipped out, he survived. but you want to know right away, who are these guys? going to get the. this is a famous interview he did with ed bradley, god rest his soul, great journalist. you cite but the most famous murder. he got the mafia cops -- who were living in vegas as you know, in 2005 were arrested in vegas. i wrote a pilot for a series called missing persons on abc in m
news weekend, 32 people injured when a helicopter crashes into a pub in scotland. we'll have that story when we come back. >>> four people died when a small plane crashed in alaska. a spokesperson says the pilot and three passengers were killed in the crash. the relatives of the deceased have been notified. there's no immediate word on the condition of the other passengers, nor the cause of that crash. >>> overseas a helicopter crash in scotland friday night kills one person. officials say the death toll is expected to rise. the helicopter crashed into a crowded pub in glasgow. 32 people were injured. the crews have been working to rescue a still unknown number of people who are still trapped in the bar. scotland's first minister called at black day for the nation. >>> 7:16 now. we want to talk about the weather forecast for this still holiday weekend. and here to do that is janu. >> good morning to you, marty. we have a beautiful holiday weekend in store. we are, however, waking up to some areas of patchy fog but pretty clear elsewhere. this is the view from our roof cam. you can see a
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